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Yes. It can get so hard, but all you need is someone that's worth enough to get through it all with.

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You. Exactly the way you are. I love that shit. - Haha Sounds like something I might say or have said.

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This quote makes me want to cry and I have no idea why. So that's why it is being pinned onto this board.

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TCM-She loved me big, she loved me deep and she loved me hard. There is no question she was prepared to give everything-all of herself. I'm afraid I will always ask myself what that might have looked like..

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So hard. I never knew how hard it would be to say good bye to you. If only I was given that chance. One last day with you.

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That's true. Well, i don't love love him/them anymore. But just that everyone Ive ever dated is still important to me and I will never forget them.

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Fall in Love with Someone Who Doesn’t Make You (Live Life Happy)

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i do miss you. i miss the us that was .. the us when we first met .. i used to say, "i don't mind letting you wrap me around your little finger because i know you won't hurt me". i still don't think you hurt me intentionally. i just think you decided you didn't love me any more - why? you never told me. i don't know if i stifled you.. again, you never told me - that bit was unfair. but at the core, i love you.

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