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Louis and Eleanor, Larry shippers keep their distance from this post because this post is just dedicated to my complete love and belief in elounor and NOT Larry


This is huge Larry proof. You can’t argue with a video of 1) Harry crying 2) Louis and Eleanor getting their photo taken by some guy, 3) with this other person telling them where to stand, etc. How do you explain this, hm? (gif)>>>>I'm actually honestly tearing up at this! Poor Haz! LOOK AT ZAYNS HAND! He does the 'yea you've done enough damage' motion with it like 'keep on walking'


tumblr_m8pmd8u2Pg1qfky8yo1_500-7026.png?q=65&sharp=15&vib=10&fm=jpg&fit=crop&w=521&h=521 (500×551)