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The star- The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing, even unexpected help to offer us sustenance in bleak times.


healers lines on hands | Psychic Paranormal Forums I have the mark of a healer


** "Imagination" Today's Wisdom Card @dianacooper

List of Archangels | There are many Archangels but seven main ones, these have been looked ...


The Unfolding Lotus Spread is a tarot spread used to reveal omens on the path of an existing timeline. See what may or may not be ready to unfold for you. Click image to get the instructions. / Photo ©

from Rolling Stone

Flower Power - Burning Man 2014's Trippiest Photos

Flower Power Photo - Burning Man 2014's Trippiest Photos | Rolling Stone

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Cassandra Jean

Maryse...I've never paid much attention to her, but whoa!


Abundance comes to me in the most loving, healthy supportive ways from all ways shapes and sources of the universe who completely comes together to bring me and loved ones abundance, and prosperity in all ways shapes and forms. I radiate good luck, love, romance, and a blessing nature and feeling upon all those I interact with. I give and receive with joy love, honor dignity, respect and integrity. In love and light. Thank you. So it is. By Jen