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Beautiful Disney Quotes

Beautiful thing J told me once: That I was one of those rare wild flowers that grows up on the high mountain crags where few things survive. She told me this at a time when I was suffering, I think after my surgery in It was a beautiful gift from her.


I'm not afraid of...trusting ...or paralysed about decisions because I feel powerless over my own mental health. I don't even feel powerless anymore. I'm not angry all the time like I was. I had to forgive myself for past wrong decisions and judgments.


Quote on mental health - Just like the lotus we too have the ability to rise from the mud, bloom out of the darkness and radiate into the world.


1 PETER 5:10 Out of difficulties grow miracles. This happened in my life! If you are going through trials right now, just hang on to Jesus, He will use this to equip you for the life He wants for you-as He has done with me!


Out of the mud of your fears, struggles, pain and confusion; the lotus flower of your inner heart will spontaneously grow. Spiritually Ano... #QUOTE #WISDOM #ADVAITA