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Lotto Online

Sublime Lamborghini Aventador LP700 . Will need a EuroMillions jackpot to get this. :)

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saw idea online, but made up most of my own to fit 'us.' GROOM'S SURVIVAL KIT -RING POP- in case u forget the essentials -KLEENEX- tears of joy -TUMS- how much ur heart burns w/ love 4 me -CLIF BARS- so u have enough energy to get to the alter -LOTTO- today is the luckiest day of ur life -CERTS & CHAPSTICK- u may now kiss the bride -SOCKS- so you don't get cold feet -TEA (bags) FOR 2- relax at the end of the night as Mr & Mrs -SCOTCH- help calm ur nerves -SOMETHING SPECIAL- my boudoir photo…


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