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See this latest pic on Ben Pentreath's blog: books don't HAVE to be orderly on a bookshelf, especially if there are other bold pieces/colors in the room. I live with my books and pull them out and sometimes haphazardly put them back on the shelf. I don't want to pull all of my bks to the edge of the shelf one by one! It seems fake to me.


rape, no why don't they still do this!? But instead, in 31 states if a victim of rape is found pregnant, the rapist can sit there and sue for custody rights and visitation!!??? Now how the f**k is that right!!

from NewSpring Church

Everything You Need To Know About Matthew

Context makes a difference in conversation, but also when we read the Bible. That's why we created Bible Need To Know, a reoccurring feature that looks at the story behind the stories in the Bible.  Follow along in Daily