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Losing a child is the most painful experience a mother can endure. To all the mom's whose child has died... 11/7/85 - 6/23/14 yes it is it's like a hole thru your soul it's the worst pain I have ever felt and every day I wake it's like losing him all over again momma misses you so Scootie Dennis Ray 7/22/1986 - 3/24/2015 I Love You always


Losing a child at anytime is the worst thing anyone can ever experience in life. Whether a miscarriage, stillborn, or anytime. When a woman grieves the loss of her child she grieves when she grieves. It may not be the best time to outwardly grieve, but her heart is hurting, before you become quick to anger, try to understand the pain and as she hots the floor, hold her while she cries. A woman grieving the loss of a child needs nothing but time and support.


so i cried myself to sleep last night (nothing new don't worry lmao) but this morning i sat on the bed and it has white sheets and i saw something black on the bed and it's my mascara omG it's depressing yet hilarious at the same time


There is no word for a parent who loses a child. @Dayton Children's Medical Center blogger tries to find the words after the #Sandyhook tragedy.


This includes women who have suffered miscarriages. Losing a child is losing a child, it is no different. And anyone who would judge you or disagree is a soulless individual. If you have never experienced it, there is no room for your opinion.


October is PAIL Awareness month; Wave of Light Oct 15th (pg 18) - Page 11


But my love for you Aaron, is the best feeling I've ever experienced !!! One true love, being ur mommy xxx


editor’s note: This post was originally published in July of 2014 but has been updated to include recent events. The first few weeks of grief after losing a child are a mixture of rage, sadness, helplessness and fear: An unstable concoction that can react and explode at any given moment. As someone who can now count [...]