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I Heart Thrones

((FC: Peter Dinklage)) Hello, I'm John. I train men and sometimes women, who are committed, into warriors. I live in the village and I work at a vegetable stand. I have a height defect so I am smaller than normal. I am always available so stop by if you like.


I love the back and forth between Gimli and Legolas. Reminds me of my best friends and I.....hahahaha!

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'Game of Thrones': TV's newest power couple breaks their silence

She's commanded armies and dragons. She’s sparred with slave masters and horse lords. But what Emilia Clarke had to do on the Game of Thrones set last October left her unusually nervous: Sit and have a polite conversation. Sound easy? Not when the other actor is Clarke’s Emmy-winning co-star Peter Dinklage. This was the first time in the show's five-year history that the two stars have ever shared a scene.


Peter Dinklage as Trumpkin & Skandar Keynes as Edmund Pevensie - The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

Sansa: "I will pray for your safe return, my lord." Tyrion: "Will you?" Sansa: "Just as I pray for the King's."

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Peter Dinklage Turns 44 Today ... So We're Celebrating

Jaime Lannister, I always think that is was brilliant writing that GRRM systematically broke this character down to show us who he really was. Take away his armor, take away his freedom, take away his skill, take away his family, and then you find the true knight