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Writing Mastermind (Writer Worksheet Wednesday)

If you could get all of your favourite authors (living or dead) around a table and ask them for advice, what would they tell you?


Match Color Effects by Creating Your Own Color Lookup Tables in Photoshop CC 2014 - Photoshop Tutorials

Safe treatment of passwords is one of hardest things to do correctly on a website but one of the most vital for security. Implementing a "Login with " button off loads the complexity of authentication to a trusted third party and is convenient for users. However if you aren't implementing social media authentication first thing you should think about is password complexity rules. Passwords should need a minimum length mixed case numeric characters or special symbols. Which brings us to the…


Electrical and Electronics Engineering: An International Journal

Electrical and Electronics Engineering: An International Journal (ELELIJ) ISSN : 2200 - 5846 OPTIMAL TORQUE RIPPLE CONTROL OF ASYNCHRONOUS DRIVE USING INTELLIGENT CONTROLLERS ABSTRACT The dynamic performance of an asynchronous machine when operated with cascaded Voltage Source Inverter using Space Vector Modulation (SVM) technique is presented in this paper. A classical…

Without a doubt these are among my personal favorite features in Photoshop, but they also happen to each be fairly unknown features-especially if you’re newer to using Photoshop. These are features that are going to push your Photoshop game through the stinking roof! In this Photoshop tutorial we’ll take a look at a good mix of things like liquefying facial features, frequency separation, color lookup tables (LUTs), selective sharpening, calculations, and MORE!