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IS DEATH SINGLE?!?!?!? Please be single!!!<<If Death looks anything like in that Sims game, then sign me the hell up!


Thomas Brodie Sangster) Ello my name is Thomas I am 19 and have two kids, Oliver and Quinn, my ex is Skye and I'm starting to regret leaving her with two kids to look after. I like to act and hangout with friends at the beach


((Open RP. Need the roommate. Both guys.)) I sigh in exasperation as I head down the street. My roommate is so obnoxious! He's rude, he's a player, always listens to loud rock music... I mutter in annoyance until I get to a restaurant. All my thoughts fade to happy ones as I look at the building. I'll be meeting my boyfriend for the first time... I wait eagerly and see someone approach. My eyes widen when I see it's my roommate, who looks equally as shocked.


How To Create a Dream Bedroom on a Budget

If you're looking to add a little style to your bedroom but you don't have a ton of cash, look no further than this list of 13 affordable ideas for injecting a little style into your sleeping space.


My Abuela's Table not only tells the tale of a love affair with Mexican cuisine (and exactly how to make it), but shares the great affection Daniella Germain holds for her grandparents Abuelo and Abuela, and charmingly illustrates the couples own bond, discovered through a shared passion of wonderful food.