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Fudge Hearts; Wedding Favour Idea (

Scottish fudge is a sure way to keep your guests sweet! And with romantic-heart shaped fudge your favours can look as good as they taste too, as seen on (

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Daniel Radcliffe goes looking for love as the Harry Potter stars have a ball

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La semaine spécial mariage DIY est ouverte !

A gorgeous wedding photograph. Get the bride and bridesmaids all together and get them to turn away from the camera for once. It gives you chance to appreciate the dresses! The perfectly round balloons are a fun/quirky touch. Creative wedding photography like this is going to look wonderful for years.

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Fee (short for Phoebe) shoved the glasses further up her nose. The further they were from the tip, the less likely Michael's last gift to his girlfriend would fall and shatter, like Fee's life had when she received the phone call. "Unintentional overdose". Was it a bad thing that she could understand if it had been intentional? If she thought about doing the same thing almost everyday?

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But I want to be with you so much more!!! I can't imagine unlimited time together!!!! Would be so wonderful!!!! I Love YOU!!!!!! Please don't doubt for a second how much I want to be with YOU!!! All the time..ALL my days devoted to YOU!! Pleasing U, taking care of U, loving U, holding U, kissing U...Miss U Baby!!!!!! I Do!!!!!***

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We Are The Fallen Angels - Black Veil Brides - We Are The Fallen Angels

Picking up the love of my life... Were going out for a while... *smirks and looks down* ~Andy

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Google Image Result for

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I'm a millionaire and no one knows it. I'm looking for a girlfriend who wants me for my heart and not my money

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