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The Kakapo Parrot of New Zealand, Strigops habroptilus also called owl parrots are large, flightless, nocturnal, ground dwelling parrots that live in New Zealand. It is the world's only flightless parrot, the heaviest parrot, nocturnal, herbivorous, visibly sexually dimorphic in body size, has a low basal metabolic rate, no male parental care, and is the only parrot to have a polygynous lek breeding system. It is also possibly one of the world's longest-living birds

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One of the rarest birds of all is New Zealand's "Kakapo". The above picture of the large, flightless bird approaching the camera snagged first place in the "critically endangered or extinct in the wild" category. Only 124 animals remain in the wild— largely wiped out predatory mammals such as feral cats.

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Albatross - albatrosses and petrels, regularly grab the baited hooks on long lines. Many albatrosses are dragged to their deaths - more than 100,000 each year!

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Shabby chic, vintage-style romantic crystal chandelier lighting

This beautiful shabby chic vintage-style chandelier is highlighted with gold glitter and decorated with birds, flowers, acrylic crystals, ribbons and glass baubles. The chandelier fits over a standard hanging bulb fitting and is suitable for use with a 60w bulb and is approx 30cm wide at its widest point and approx 40cm high measured from the uppermost piece of decoration to the longest piece of hanging decoration. If you live in London, the chandelier will be delivered by hand personally…

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A Heron Stands Tall...photographed on Ft Lauderdale Beach using iPhone4 by the FtLauderdaleSun.

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Birds of Prey - The California Condor

The California Condor is the largest North American land bird and inhabits northern Arizona and southern Utah, coastal mountains of central and southern California, and northern Baja California. The condor is a scavenger and eats large amounts of carrion. It is one of the world's longest-living birds, with a lifespan of up to 60 years.

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