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9 Beauty Tips You Needs To Know. Great. Now where do I get Organic Coconut Oil?? I'm betting it's expensive. It has the word "organic" in it lol

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Castor Oil For Hair Growth

Who doesn’t dream of long hair that can be styled in a ponytail, a bun, or in simple waves easily? But considering our lifestyles, the dirt, and the pollution, our long hair goals often seem unattainable. That is, unless you have a simple growth-boosting remedy up your sleeve.

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Wedding Hair Inspiration: 12 Ways to wear your Long Hair Down

Tip for more protein and stronger hair to reduce incidence of split ends, split ends can't be repaired once they're split though.

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Maybe this would work better than fake eyelashes which I don't really want to wear because they are often made with animal fur.

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La tresse française sur le côté démystifiée

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