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And Esme, she had that look about her. The lonely wistfulness of someone all to aware of what the world holds. No longer could those wide blue eyes harbor the hope they once held. Not after witnessing all she had seen.


“As my desire to bloom arrived, I flourished. No longer fearing the journey it takes to truly open and unfold. Deeply I breathe in as my breath is taken away. I found my voice, yet even as it lay dormant in the quiet As I stumbled in the sometimes darkness and fell, Standing back up brushing off the bruises I knew I had found my way” -Anais Nin

from el tornillo que te falta

En los días grises…

This photo is fun - Love how there's an extra person in the background but it still feels so solitary. I love the bar location because it screams situation to me, and I so want to know what else is going on.

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