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150 years of the London underground – in pictures

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13 Abandoned Stations & Disused Platforms of the London Underground

No doubt about it: there’s something spooky about the London Underground, especially its abandoned stations. This article explores thirteen such places, alongside disused platforms hidden within stations that remain open to this day.

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Must. Keep. Going. : Photo

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Built in 1869 by the East London Railway Company, which reused the Thames Tunnel intended for horse-drawn carriages, the line became part of the London Underground network in 1933. Description from I searched for this on

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A phrase every Londoners knows so well. LOL, please mind the gap between the platform and the train !

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The allure of abandoned Tube stations

The allure of abandoned Tube stations. Interesting little read, now I want to go and explore in the footsteps of Sherlock and John.

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25 Essential Tube Hacks From Londoners

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