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Adorable Mum!Loki with kids Hela, Sleipnir, Fenrir and Jormungand. OH MY GOSH HE'S WATCHING MLP WITH FENRIR. <3

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I am about to die over Hel! Woah... no pun intended. But isn't she CUTE? <3

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heart 37 Loki's Children - Sleipnir, Fenrir, and Jormungand

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Loki- with his children Fenrir the Wolf, Jormungandr the Great Serpent, and Hel. Just missing Sleipnir.

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Age of Ultron Mother's Day XD...did the Vision get Tony a fake Thor's hammer so he could pick it up and pretend it was the real one?!

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I love this artist comics! She's very talented! This is actually one of my personal favorites, though it is quite sad:/

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