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The Giver--One of the most inspirational books you could read, particularly given the fact that its content is intended for fourth graders.


The Giver is Ethan's favorite book. Ever! I'm reading them now because he has insisted. Really good quick reads.

Amazing Children's Novel! Story follows a young girl living in occupied Denmark during WWII. Great story about Nazi occupation, as well as the experiences of the Jews.


The blog of an artist who lives a small mountain village just outside of Tokyo, grows a crop of indigo every year, and processes it into a vat dye using traditional methods. They also grow silk worms and weave on traditional Japanese looms. They have workshops. BUCKET LIST!!!


Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. I first read this book in the 3rd grade and it led to an interest in holocaust literature that lasted for several years.

The Giver (Essential Modern Classics) by Lois Lowry