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Lois Laurel

Stan Laurel) Arthur Stanley Jefferson 16 June 1890 Ulverston, Lancashire (now Cumbria), England Died 23 February 1965 (aged 74) Santa Monica, California, United States Spouse(s) Lois Neilson (m.1926–1935) Virginia Ruth Rogers (m.1935–1937; 1941–1946; divorced twice) Vera Ivanova Shuvalova (m.1938–1940; divorced) Ida Kitaeva Raphael (m.1946–1965; his death) Partner(s) Mae Charlotte Dahlberg


Stan and his first wife, Lois Neilson, Lois had a baby girl, also named Lois. In May 1930, their second child, Stanley Robert Laurel, died after nine days. (m.1926-1935) divorced.


Remembering Lois Laurel Sr who was born on this day. Lois was Stan Laurel's first wife & mother of Lois Jr.