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Log Formula

The Oyster Catcher, Luxury Cornish self-catering holiday home Mousehole,Lu xury self-catering holiday home in Mousehole, Cornwall

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THE BATTLE OF THE SOMME, JULY-NOVEMBER 1916 Men of the Royal Warwickshire Regiment, their rifles stacked nearby, lying exhausted in the grass in a rear area.

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It's simple

"information entering black holes is lost forever". Conflicts with the information lost paradox. Physicists at the University of Buffalo are currently working on a solution to this paradox.

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nah man because school doesn't teach you stuff important for actually living, just pointless knowledge and math formulas we'll never need << BOOM.

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How to Make Money Blogging! Want to UP your blogging success? Want to start a blog this year?

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I don't ever plan on teaching high school math, but you never know. This looks helpful.. maybe for friends still in college.

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