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Local Police Number

Britain still had an empire to run and in 1876 any young men ardent for some desperate glory would make their way to the Mitre and Dove public house. There the recruiting sergeants of any number of regiments would cajole young aspirants to military honors. The local police officer is second from left!


The Black Monk of Pontefract, Yorkshire: A decade before the world famous Amityville and Enfield poltergeist cases came to public attention, a little heard of, but acknowledged as Europe's most violent haunting, took place in the town of Pontefract. Here is its story....


Police Rubber Ducks

Police rubber ducks are a great way to add some extra fun to your duck river race. If you are having a fund raiser for your local police officers these rubber ducks are a great way to get your rubber duck race into the right theme.


Police and local residents shut down ‘boy racer’ issue at Penrith Sainsbury’s Police in Penrith are pleased to announce that following work conducted by local officers the number of anti-social behaviour offences at Sainsbury’s car park

#Therapy #NHS Icelandic method could double number of child sexual abuse convictions Ms Longfield chaired the meeting to discuss the subject in Wakefield earlier this week and was attended by the Police and Crime Commissioner's Office, the police, the NHS and local authority directors of children's services. The introduction of a ...

Jina was last seen on December 31, 2013 on the corner of Pettibone and Fenton Rd in Flint, Michigan between 10 – 11pm. It is not known if she accepted a ride with anyone. She may be in need of medical attention. If you believe you may spot her, please take a cell photo, if possible, and phone police. Police Agency: Flint Police Dept (810) 237-6800, Det. Nick Mabry (810) 237-6820, or your local police Case Number: 2095-14 NamUs Case #: 23383 #missingpersons

White House Petition To Create Federal Police Agency To "SUPERVISE" ALL Local Police Has STARTLING Number Of Signatures Already ⋆ US Herald

THEY MURDERED HIM - Alleges Family After 61 Year Old Man Dies in Police Custody in Dooars The death of a 61 year old Man Bhim Bahadur Chettri in police custody saw widespread protest by the locals at Nagarkatta. According to sources Bhim Bahadur Chhetri along with 6 others were arrested on the charges of gambling. However within hours he was declared to be dead at the police station. His family members have called it "a 'murder' committed by the police." Daughter Rina Chettri stated "we…

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The British police on armed routine patrol

Britain's first armed police on routine patrol - For the first time in the mainland UK, police are carrying guns on routine patrols. In a little-noticed move, a small number of police officers are now routinely carrying sidearms while on patrol in much of Scotland - the first in the UK outside Northern Ireland to do so. How did this come about, and does it alter the relationship between the constabulary and the public?


From @cbcns A rash of missing cats in the Truro area has led the local police force to open an investigation. . Truro Police Chief David MacNeil says his officers have recently noticed an increase in the number of missing cat flyers posted on telephone and power poles in the Nova Scotia town. . "That was a little curious to begin with" he told CBC's Maritime Noon. . Officers also noticed frequent posts on social media about missing cats. . "In an effort to be proactive we thought we would…