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Top 5 Best Ideas for Charity Fundraising: How to Raise Money for Your Local Charity

A FREE nationwide community resource website that provides information to match up your unwanted stuff with local charities, ministries and companies that connect it with people in need.

The GOP presidential nominee fought hard to avoid giving proceeds from his casino to local charities.

Local Charity Helps County Families in Need During Holidays

Family Volunteer Ideas for the Holidays

Volunteering as a Family During the Holidays: ways to get involved with volunteering and local charities will help kids to understand how they can make a difference in both their world and the lives of others.


5 Year Anniversary - Charity Sale! $5.00 off per HockeyStocking

It's our 5 year anniversary and this year we want you to help us celebrate by giving back . In the past, we have donated a portion of our sales to local charities in our area. We would like to spread the benefits far and wide, so we're hoping you'll help. Save $5 - Give $5 For the entire month of November, we are giving a discount (approximately $5 per stocking) to you, our customers, in the hopes you'll take each $5 you save and pay it forward to a charity of your choice. We think it feels…

For a cause! These necklaces were made to benefit a local charity organization. Read more about it on my website (link in profile, necklace is listed in my shop) | by kathrynriechert

Beautiful embroidered covered buttons. Here's a thrifty, crafty trick & tip: If you're not good at embroidery then there's a 'cheats' way to get this result. Visit your local Charity Shop (Thrift store for our USA folks) and seek out old embroidered table cloths and handkerchiefs which already have embroidery on them. Cut out the sections of embroidery (making sure you don't snip the important threads) and use these sections to make your buttons!