Lmp pregnancy

Baby? What baby? This concept may be a little hard to wrap your head around, but even though you're technically in the first week of pregnancy, you're not quite expecting -- yet. Here's the deal: Because it's generally impossible to know the exact moment of conception, most healthcare providers count 40 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP) to calculate your due date. According to this method, they date the beginning of "pregnancy" from about two weeks before the sperm…

Finger pain and numbness (carpal tunnel syndrome) (natural remedies) - These work like a charm!

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Great website to tell you how the weeks, months and trimesters break down into each other in pregnancy. Very helpful!

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Baby2see - Trimester Calculator - When does the first trimester end and second or third trimester begin?

How to edit newborn skin, step by step tutorial to edit newborn skin, newborn photography tips

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Can You Use the Supplement MSM During Pregnancy? - I found this after doing a search regarding MSM and pregnancy. I was surprised to read how many people said they heard it was not good to take during pregnancy. I wonder exactly what they are basing these opinions on. Being that MSM is so beneficial to the body, why wouldn't you want to be taking this to benefit your growing baby?

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