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we bought two galvanized livestock water tanks from a local feed store. One is five feet in diameter and the other is six feet in diameter. We then nested them, leaving a gap on both sides and on the bottom. We filled this gap with that canned spray foam to create an insulated barrier (the last three inches around the top we filled with concrete for a better aesthetic). For plumbing we simply provided two openings for filling, draining and circulating. by billie

Barley straw cleans ponds and it's safe for fish.It's also safe for livestock. We use barley straw bags in our horse tanks. As long as you change them regularly (see the label on yours for info), they work great!

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Use a stock tank for a pond.


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Working Cattle Farm. 855 Acres of land with a nice mixture of pasture and timber. All pasture land is set up with tire watering tanks that feed from either the two year round springs on the property or water well. There are also several ponds on the property for watering as well as keeping your livestock cool in the summer months. Two sets of piped working pens and two sets of piped catch pens along with multiple barns for hay and equipment storage in Longview MO

It has a 20 ft X 20 ft roof. 1 inch of rainfall will put about 250 gallons in the tank.


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