Liverpool+Tart+or+Liverpool+Judy+-+Cheap+war+time+sweet+tart. In the series of wartime or 1950s cakes peculiar to a single area, Liverpool tart was a great favourite of those living near the River Mersey. Strangely enough the recipe originated in the village of Evershot in Dorset in 1897 and has varied little since then.

Cook book browsing brought us upon "Liverpool Tart" made with whole boiled lemons… looking forward to trying this out

Katrin's Kitchen Diaries: Liverpool Tart

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GUSTO - Liverpool, the infamous goat's cheese tart!

Salted caramel tart, liquorice ice cream, honeycomb @themonro #TheMonro #NYETastingMenu #Liverpool #NYE #SaltedCaramelTart #LiquoriceIceCream #honecomb

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