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Liv Tyler - Fan club album

I have mentioned 'P.O.S' - the novel-in my prev. LivT Repins on this board. I would choose to pair her up with Mark Harmon if I were to go with the 'almost canon' acceptance of that novel, but if I went with my idea that McCoy had 2 dads; the actor I'd choose to 'make gay' is Mark Harmon (!), and I'd pick a gay option for his spouse; maybe, Richard Dean Anderson!!

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Liv Tyler hair time for a flat iron very often. Make my wavy hair work FOR me not against me!

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cancer makeup

i think i find Liv Tyler so beautiful because her facial structure is similar to my own to the point that I actually have a chance to emulate the way she looks in regards to make-up and hair application. it's feasible! Also, I think starkly contrasting features (hair, eyebrows, eyelashes, lips) against fair skin is very attractive.

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I enjoy her in Stealing Beauty, Empire Records, That Thing You Do, Plunkett McCleane, Inventing the Abbotts and Onegin.

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90's liv tyler- perfect orange lips, black crop and high waisted shorts combo

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Liv Tyler. She always comes off as a genuinely sweet-natured person.

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