USS Freedom (LCS 1) 3000 tons. 47 knots with the worlds largest marine gas turbine engine. Goes 40+ mph and kicks up an olympic size pool of water from its water jets every second.

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northmagneticpole: Hidden Black Sand Beach at Volcano National Park-Adam (Flickr)

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Littoral Zone by Meredith Aitken on Artfully Walls 10 x 14 $36.50USD, 20X28 $89.50USD

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The ultimate leasure yacht for the evil super villain. Though it could do with an open air pool and sun deck with coctail bar -useful when entertaing fellow despots.

the Littoral Zone

This lined chiton (Tonicella lineata) caught my eye while I was listening to limpets a close cousin of chitons and snails. The scraping noises limpets make when grazing algae from rocks above the tideline are audible to the human ear. This subtle rasping sound adds to the intertidal zones symphony of sloshing surf shrieking gulls and barnacles that crackle and hiss as they circulate water inside their shells. ____ To feed chitons sea snails and limpets use a radula a ribbon-like tongue…

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