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Soft beautiful feet is now easy to gain. There are different homemade remedy shared earlier on the soft feet which really works but it take some time to show the results but today will share some exciting and simple homemade remedy which just gives you soft and smooth feet in the first wash, you just …

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Because of the alcohol and essential oil content within, there are many other unique uses for listerine mouthwash

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Pediküre mit Listerine? Funktioniert so easy: 4 Teile warmes Wasser, 1 Teil Essigessenz, 2 Teile Listerine. 15 Minuten -> babyzarte Füße

DIY Listerine Slime! How To Make Clear Slime|Without Borax, Shampoo - Satisfying Slime! Easy Slime - YouTube

She poured Listerine on a cotton ball and then rubbed her armpits. After a few minutes she could not believe her own eyes!

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Listerine for dandruff.

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