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good for new year to reinforce rules a a new way. class promise: when we care about each other and our classroom we share, take turns and help each other learn. we listen carefully, always try our best, work hard, give each other praise and have fun together. we know that every one makes mistakes and we won't laugh or make fun of them. We think about what is right and stop when someone asks us to. this is who we are when no one is watching...


Twinkl Resources >> Good Listening Display Posters >> Classroom printables for Pre-School, Kindergarten, Primary School and beyond! good listening, listen, behaviour management, SEN, good sitting, good looking, good listening, lips closed, brain box,


Make this with the class - Print the picture of the kid on a poster and have students come up with what they think this would look like


Be a GREAT listener! I may show this toy 7th graders as the too-small-to-read pin, them have them design their own.


Classroom Supports: Desktop listening rules

I became a speech and language pathologist in 1979 and since that time I have always used a set of listening rules as a way to get a child ready to learn. It is important that we tell the student what we need to do rather than what we dont want them to do.


Speaking and Listening Rules Display Posters - Speaking and Listening, Carpet rules, good listening, quiet, brain box, turn taking, speak clearly

Whole Body Listening Give Me Five Posters, Back to School, Beginning of the Year

"Give Me Five" and "Whole Body Listening" are powerful classroom behavior management strategies to get the attention of your students immediately. This is a set of posters to help you use these attention grabber signals using engaging visuals. Includes 2 color and 2 blackline masters.