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Traditional Persian Handmade Wool Antique Rug 6'x3' ft Carpet 202cm x 120cm #Persian Rugs

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An Art Exhibit Under the Ocean that Use Mannequins

The Middle Passage of the African Holocaust #BlackMuseums

Sonia Sanchez. "All poets, all writers are political. They either maintain the status quo, or they say, ‘Something’s wrong, let’s change it for the better.’ That’s what my life has really been about."

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Full set of samples from Ca Pietra Encaustic has arrived!

Drew Forsyth & Co- Full set of samples from Ca Pietra Encaustic has arrived!A full set of Real Encaustic tile samples now in the showroom at Drew Forsyth &Co

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Quotes by Maya Angelou:Life of the Original Phenomenal Woman

"If you don't like something, change it. If you can't change it then change your attitude." Maya Angelou

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Luxury Hotel Review: Riad Star – Marrakech, Morocco #MuchMorocco @riadstarlucie

Two Monkeys Travel - Africa - Morocco - Marrakesh - Riad Star. As one of the top destinations of choice, the classic traveler’s dream of exploring this ancient, vibrant city with an authentic Moroccan Riad as your base is fulfilled beyond expectation at Riad Star. One of the newest and most unique Riad hotels in the Red City, its story will charm and inspire visitors as much as its incredible setting, previously having been home to dancing icon and pioneer of civil-rights, Josephine Baker.

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After it was revealed Eleanor Rigby was a Liverpool scullery maid... A look at the real secrets behind the Beatles' lyrics

After it was revealed Eleanor Rigby was a Liverpool scullery maid... A look at…

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7 Of The Most Unrecognized Women in Black History

Septima Clark (5/3/1898 - 12/15/1987) Mrs. Clark, a teacher in South Carolina, established Citizenship Schools throughout the South to teach reading and increase voter eligibility. Quote: "I have a great belief in the fact that whenever there is chaos, it creates wonderful thinking. I consider chaos a gift."


Shakespeare's Globe Theatre - not the original, but near the foundations (200m away). The first Globe was destroyed by fire in 1613. A replacement was built, but later closed (along with all theatres) in 1642 during the English Civil War. It was considered "not seemly to indulge in any kind of diversions or amusements during such troublous times." England became a republic, but it didn't take. The monarchy (& theatres) returned during the "Restoration", from 1660. SE1, London Bridge Tube.

Civil Rights Timeline  #Infographic #CivilRights

Civil Rights Timeline #Infographic #CivilRights