How to make slime using laundry detergent! A NEW recipe for slime making from Fun at Home with Kids that uses neither borax nor liquid starch. You can find the necessary ingredients in the UK and Canada as well as in the US.

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A three-ingredient slime recipe for some gorgeous golden slime. A great science and sensory experience for the children. Lots and lots of fun!

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Have you ever wanted to make slime but thought it was hard? Our liquid starch slime recipe is so easy and quick. Perfect slime for science and sensory play!

This simple liquid starch homemade slime recipe (no Borax) will provide a gooey sensory activity for your child. Add dinosaur toys for even more fun!

How to make homemade flubber borax free! It's incredible easy to make homemade flubber with a few simple ingredients. Great sensory play too!

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2 Ingredient Slime Recipe - this recipe is AMAZING!! It is super easy to make, no borax slime recipe, it has the coolest way it moves and flows. Fun kids activities, summer activity for kids, sensory activity, science experiment for Newtonian fluid and ju

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Fluffy Squishy (Secret Ingredient) Slime - this sensory activity for kids uses one unconventional ingredient to make the best slime recipe ever! Your kids will love squishing and stretching this secret ingredient slime!

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How to make sparkly slime - our favorite two ingredient base recipe with added color and the best glitter on the market.

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Make easy minion slime for Despicable Me fans! Liquid starch slime recipe will make awesome minion slime in 5 minutes. Fun slime for science sensory play.

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