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Resin cast of human heart blood vessels. This model was achieved by injecting liquid plastic into a real heart. The plastic resin fills the blood vessels and, once the resin sets, the tissue is dissolved away leaving a perfect replica of the blood supply.


A Dandelion Preserved In Resin Looks Incredibly Cool, And It’s So Simple To Do

Learn how to cast a dandelion in polyester resin using a vending machine capsule. Pick dandelion bud and dry for 2 weeks using a clothespin to hold it upright. It will open in a day or Pour resin into capsule and carefully press dandelion into resin.


William Loveless Glue Painting #1023

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Get yourself some wire, glitter, and translucent liquid sculpey. You can make simple wings, or really go wild with detail!


Synthesis Resin & Tar Sculptures by Tom Price

Synthesis by Tom Price. The tar initially appears black, but on closer inspection, green vapour trails can be seen drifting from a surface partially melted by the reaction of the curing resin. As the tar heats it expands, searching for pathways within the resin creating wafer thin golden slivers of coral-like protuberances. The effects of the synthesis of these two disparate elements – one black and dense; the other clear liquid – results in a riot of colour & explosive formations


Liquid Resin. Doming Epoxy Resin. Jewelry Grade Resin. Non-toxic Clear Epoxy Resin Kit. 6 oz. 2 part Doming Resin

Liquid Resin Doming Epoxy Resin Jewelry Grade by purplemountainbtq, $14.95