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As a person who is very pale in complexion, I am always struggling to find colours (especially in lipsticks and blush) which don't make me look like a clown. Sometimes, I find that the products I choose which I think will look nice with my colour skin and end up...

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8 Lipstick Colors For Fair Skin That Will Give You A Porcelain Glow

Lipstick Colors for Fair Skin - 8 Lipstick Colors For Fair Skin That Will Give You That Porcelain Glow by Makeup Tutorials at

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Bobbi Brown lipstick in Pale Mauve.... My go to "nude" for soft summer. KMP - Close to my Zyla Romantic Color... Though DYT puts me in Type 1 !

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((open with Yvette)) I cried and kyle hit my mouth, I felt my lip bust and I could fast the blood. I cried. pleaded. for him to stop. he didn't as he hit me again

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10 Essential Beauty Tips for Pale-Skinned Girls

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1 Trend 4 Ways: Glossy, Dewy, Wet Eyelids (That Aren't Slimy)

Peachy-beige glossy lids with a dark lip. Loving the pale skin and brows, too.

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