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Improving the thiobarbituric acid-reactive-substances assay for estimating lipid peroxidation in plant tissues containing anthocyanin and other interfering compounds - Springer

Got lipid peroxidation? Find out everything you wanted to know about how polyunsaturated fats affect the gut, the liver and your health.


Tomatoes are packed with two important antioxidant nutrients: vitamin C and lycopene. Lycopene is a carotenoid compound responsible for much of the red colour pigment in tomatoes. These two antioxidant compounds are important to heart health because they reduce lipid peroxidation, a naturally occurring damage to fats that are in our circulation, that can cause damage to the blood vessel walls when oxidised, which sets the stage /heart disease, damage escalates and the body tries to repair…

Neuropsychopharmacology - Glutathione Depletion, Lipid Peroxidation and Mitochondrial Dysfunction Are Induced by Chronic Stress in Rat Brain

Inhibition of key enzymes linked to type 2 diabetes and sodium nitroprusside-induced lipid peroxidation in rat pancreas by water-extractable phytoc... - PubMed - NCBI


Lipid Peroxidation (Hardcover)