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DIY wax for your face! I use this to get rid of upper lip hair and peach fuzz 👨🏻 Tag your hairy friends 😝 _____________________ Ingredients needed: •🍚Brown or White granulated sugar (2 TSP) •🍯Honey (1 TSP) •🍋Lemon Juice OR water (1 TSP) _____________________ Directions: •Add all ingredients into a microwave safe bowl and stir. •Microwave for 25-35 Seconds and check. It should be the same consistency as in the video. It should be bubbling and turn brown in color. (Add for another 10…

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Avoid Needless Pain With This Guide to Waxing Your Upper Lip

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Kiss Your Facial Hair Goodbye With This Amazing Natural Mixture

Oh, I hate it when it’s time for waxing my facial hair. If I could do anything, anything to make it gone forever! Said by every woman in the world. The struggle every woman faces with that unwanted hair on her face is enormous. Especially the facial hair above the upper lip. Every time you reach for the waxing kit you hope that your facial hair will be gone forever. The reality is different. Few weeks later there it is again. Sometimes it feels like you have ripped off your upper lip with…


Microwavable Eyebrow Face Lip Wax Mistake Proof Sally Hansen For Women 1 Pack Best Selling by Sally Hansen. $6.24. Stripless Wax Just Heat, Glide on & Pull Away Hair.. For Face, Eyebrows and Lip Results Last Up to 8 Weeks.. Microwavable Eyebrow Face & Lip Wax Mistake Proof by Sally Hansen for Women - 1 Pack Face & Lip Wax.. MICROWAVABLE EYEBROW, FACE & LIP WAX KIT By SALLY HANSEN