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Linear interpolation is a method of fitting a curve using two nearest polynomials (data points).

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USB 2 Axis CNC Motion Controller Stepping Motor Controller 150KHz LCD Display

Maximum pulse output frequency 150KHz 2 Axis (X,Y) X, Y axis can conduct linear interpolation and do circular interpolation. Electric Gear: numerator :1-99999 denominator: 1-99999 System main functions are automatic, manual, program editing, system parameters, self-check, settings, etc. Maximum 480 commands each program USB Connection and upgrade Stop and Start of Spindle motor PLC Extension I/O Extension Isolated I/O port Self-defining of I/O port

Figure 7 — For each gradient-pair, the top gradient is a linear interpolation between two colours in linear space, then the result converted to sRGB (gamma-correct). The bottom gradients are the results of interpolating between the exact same colours but directly in sRGB space (gamma-incorrect)

Example of linear interpolation of two identical curves (cylindrical ruled surface)