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Lindsey Stirling is my favorite musician.She plays a lot of popular songs with her violin.I love the way that she can dance when she plays her songs because she is a good dancer.She is a beautiful and simple lady.I hope that I will have the chance to meet her one day because I think that she is the best violinist in this world.


Lindsey Stirling (63) -- why do I find it impossible to stop pinning pix of her? Nice pose here, like a moment of reflection.


Maribelle has a style kinda like Lindsey Stirling…at least, Lindsey Stirling in an alternate fantasy gear punk world? ….

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"Beyond the Veil" Lindsey Stirling

Beyond The Veil - Lindsey Stirling I love playing the violin. Haven't done it for ages!


Only Lindsey Stirling can manage to be the best violinist I've ever heard AND be able to dance around the whole time that she's playing AND manage to look adorable the whole time!

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Lindsey Stirling: Electric Daisy Violin

Outfit inspired by Lindsey Stirling in her video "Electric Daisy". Check out her channel on youtube! Her user is lindseystomp


Lindsey Stirling... decided to put this in my apparel board because her outfit is so DARLING, but also, I love her music.