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Limburger Cheese

from Great British Chefs

Goat's cheesecake with red onion jam

Goat's cheesecake recipe with red onion jam. Amazing savoury cheesecake idea for a canapé dinner party


Notorious for its smell, Limburger’s bark is actually a lot worse than its bite. When you know how to eat it, Limburger cheese is remarkably smooth.

from Eat Wisconsin Cheese

Limburger Vegetable Pizza

Limburger Vegetable Pizza | Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board

from Eat Smarter USA

Smarter Limburger Cheese Salad

Smarter Limburger Cheese Salad with Apple Dressing | Eat Smarter

from Eat Smarter USA

Radish-Sprouts Salad

Radish-Sprouts Salad with Limburger Cheese | Eat Smarter

from The Daily Meal

What's the Smelliest Cheese on Earth?

A lot of people are afraid to eat “smelly” cheeses, but it's important to realize the way a cheese smells is not necessarily representative of its taste.

from RecipesPlus UK

Limburger Cheese And Onion Salad

The best Limburger Cheese And Onion Salad recipe you will ever find. Welcome to RecipesPlus, your premier destination for delicious and dreamy food inspiration.