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Lily Jade Shaylee designer diaper bag (love how it converts to a backpack!) | Feathers in Our Nest


Meet Lily Jade ... The Ultimate Diaper Bag

How to use your Lily Jade Diaper Bag after your babies are out of diapers! Making the most of your investment! by Ashlee Proffitt

3 Ways to Style the Lily Jade Diaper Bag


Lily Jade diaper bag - a chic modern diaper bag option for moms

Lily Jade diaper bags (yes! that IS a diaper bag!) are with you for the long haul. They provide order with their 16+ pockets and the ability to have your hands free (it converts to a backpack!)... AND it looks amazing & classic. You will be using your Lily Jade before baby is here...and long after they are out of diapers!

from Little Lovelies Blog

Lily Jade

Lily Jade diaper bag style


Lily Jade bags are durable and beautiful! They are made to take you through the diaper years... and beyond!

Ever shy away from purchasing a diaper bag because you were afraid it would make you look too "mom-ish"--and then struggle with all your baby gear getting all jumbled together and bottles spilling everywhere? Enter: Lily Jade diaper bags! They are classic, luxury diaper bags that can be worn 3 ways (including BACKPACK!)...and have over 16 POCKETS to keep all your baby things exactly how you want them. Also? They just make you look GOOD! Click to purchase the Meggan in black canvas!


You asked. We delivered. Our biggest. Bag. Ever. Lily Jade.