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R.i.p Lily Furneaux victim of child abuse


There will be Justice for Lily Furneaux in 2012

Heartbreaking last pic of toddler before she was raped and murdered by stepmum

Lily Furneaux-Wolfenberger, aged 2, was sexually assaulted and repeatedly smashed into the floor by Renee King because she threw a tantrum


Lily Furneaux and Dominick Calhoun - Two little angels that got some JUSTICE today 2-27-12. (Separate cases)

Lauren Furneaux .....♥ Fighting for her precious little ones 'Justice' to Infinity and Beyond....♥ She also fights for the justice of other children killed by their caretakers. Lily did receive her justice on 2/27/2012....♥


'In Loving Memory Of Little Lily Lynette Furneaux"


Photo Memories of Lily Lynette Furneaux (May 14, 2008 - November 20, 2010) - Online Memorial Website


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