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Lillie Langtry

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The mistresses of Edward V11th, King of Great Britain

Lillie Langtry - "The Jersey Lily" - (1853-1929) - Actress, mistress of Edward, Prince of Wales and others. Oooooo, how scandalous this must have been! :O)


Famous royal mistresses

Lillie Langtry, nicknamed "The Jersey Lily", was a Victorian actress who became the lover of Edward VII. The king met her after deliberately contriving for them to be seated next to each other at a dinner party. Conveniently enough, Langtry's husband happened to be placed at the opposite end of the table.


Lillie Langtry, August 1885. A British stage actress and singer, she was known as a "Royal Mistress" for her affairs with the Earl of Shrewsburgy, Prince Louis of Battenburg, and Albert, Prince of Wales.


A belle epoque diamond and sapphire tiara, circa 1880, worn by Lillie Langtree. Designed as a series of thirteen diamond and sapphire motifs, with smaller diamond spacers.


Lillie Langtry, Ascot c. 1910..these are long dresses....did they buy they wrong size, or was it proper to have the dress drag on the ground?


The beautiful and talented Lilly Langtry was a popular British stage actress in the late 1800's through early 1900's and starred in multiple productions. However, her legacy is also remembered in part thanks to her reputation for building relationships with royalty - including the Prince of Wales, Albert Edward, and Prince Louis of Battenberg. Original source: