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Sounds like someone else is an introvert. I'm all these except judging and shy. One more, I am hard to get to know.


having a crush on someone is liking them for things you had never noticed before


Instead of liking someone, try stepping on lego pieces into a fire. It would hurt a lot less x


I wonder what it feels like to have someone love me as much as I love you. I'll probably never know, but that's okay. As long as you're happy, I'll find my peace.


She doesn't want anything serious because someone treated her like she was nothing serious. She calls when you're late because someone left her with no explanation. She doesn't talk about herself because someone never wanted to hear. She doesn't give you a chance because someone promised they were different and werent. She's afraid to love because every time she does, someone breaks her a little bit more. Love. Relationships. What I wish men knew. Every girl has a reason for being…


I made it up; I made him Mr. Perfect. I was lucky to have people tell me bits and pieces of this speech over time. I was lucky to get away and to have him stay away long enough for me to get over him and to move on to someone infinitely better who showed me just how far from perfect he was. I'm very lucky that I can now give this advice to others and relate to every. single. word. Thanks to those who helped me get to this place. Thanks so much.


i always create this fake facade. I pretend to be ahppy and love myself. Really theres noting I hat emore than myslef