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This isn't completely true. Your all on about 'the youtubers' as in zoella, pointlessblog, Tyler Oakley and all those other people who only care about money. There are loads of amazing youtubers, you just won't accept them because they wear eyeliner, they are emo, they listen to emo music, they are all 'depressed emo idiots who should cut their wrists and kill them selves.' Johnnie guilbert, Bryan stars, Jordan sweeto, Alex dorame, jeydon wale, Eugenia, Damon fizzy, Shannon, kyle David hall,


@ science class. speaking of science class I accidentally sliced my finger open w/ scissors today in science

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Ice cream, ice cream, my kingdom for ice cream (45 Photos)

Lol Ii remember this back in the days early 80's when I was young at Rainbow Ice cream but it didn't have the point on curled over.


I have kind-of laid back on the not posting DM things, but this is annoying af. So if you post these things you will get blocked and sent off the board. Ik what I just posted was kind-of a shoutout I guess but I was doing it for the sake of you guys. You can still post stuff like contests and FALDCs, and like 25 likes for a -- or like send me a pin of this, but stuff like "share this strawberry!" Is SOO annoying. k bye.

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aubreylstallard: Tove Jansson (White Winter Hymnal)

By the way I would just like to make a shoutout to Tove Johnsston for all these lovely paintings ⭐️


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