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Pictures of the day: 14 August 2013

Norm Lopez the cat is photographed in front of his house in Sacramento. Norm Lopez has an almost cult-like following in certain Sacramento communities: local bands have put him on their T-shirts, commuters exit the light rail at the 13th Street stop just to say hello and his Facebook page is nearing 500 friends. His popularity sky-rocketed following a heart-warming reunion between Norm and his owner, Tyler Lopez.


The Sacramento Valley Station is one of the largest Amtrak stations in the United States. It is located at 401 I Street and it is the second busiest rail station in California after the Union Station in Los Angeles. It has 2 island platforms and one side platform, and a total of 8 tracks – four Amtrak, two freight and one Light Rail.

These are innovative, productive days in light rail public transit. Wifi graces many light rail systems, and cities across the U.S. are adding new light rail lines (Denver, Portland, and Sacramento are among those adding lines.) How did we get to this point? And how will light rail change going forw