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19 Beautiful Scottish Words That Everyone Needs In Their Life


When words lose their meaning, people lose their liberty. - Confucius

from The Intercept

Reckoning With a Trump Presidency and the Elite Democrats Who Helped Deliver It

The Intercept's Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and Betsy Reed break down how we got here and what it means for civil liberties, surveillance, war, and abortion rights.

This is such an important point. Since Trump's election, I have read so many comments to the tune of "this is all the fault of identity politics! White men just got so sick of being blamed for everything, and that's why we voted for a racist, sexist fraud!" Maybe if people talking about their problems upsets you, you should, I dunno, examine your own behaviour to see why.


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Anarchy doesn't mean chaos or disorder, it means freedom from an oppressive centralised authority with a monopoly on force.