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Egyptian numbers...(I actually had to take these in Liberal Arts Math...) :D


Jam tarts are a must have at an Alice in Wonderland inspired wedding

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Who is Jeremy Corbyn? Profile of Labour's most left-wing leadership hopeful

The Corbyn Catastrophe…or The Oblivion of Unity. As the British Political Establishment and their Associated Meejah go into full-blown, panic-stricken melt-down mode in a way that we haven’t seen since those few unbelievable days last September when the polls indicated that there might be a Yes vote, I want to indulge in a little Corbyn Crystal Ball gazing of my own.


Any questions???. If only we could elect politicians with this world view.


Christabel Pankhurst: 1880-1958; Christabel (daughter of Emmeline Pankhurst) advocated the use of militant tactics to win the vote for women in England. Pankhurst, with Annie Kenney, unfurled a banner reading "Votes for Women" at a Liberal Party meeting in 1905. Her action received world-wide attention after they were thrown out of the meeting. The two were arrested and sent to prison. Christabel then directed a campaign that included physical action, hunger strikes, and huge rallies.


Credit crunch Christmas cards for a Great Depression and Hungry New Year snapped up

!! This ^ same can be said for here in the UK (obviously different examples for where else my tax money will go)


"There's no honorable way to kill, no gentle way to destroy. There is nothing good in war except its ending." ~ Abraham Lincoln...I so wished some people would pay attention to these wise words...!

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Justin Trudeau thanking Liberal Party of Canada volunteers. | #Cdnpoli

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Charlie Hebdo, freedom of speech, and privilege

Voltaire. Politically, it's the liberal left that we are not allowed to question. When we do, we are bigoted and racist.


The Christians stole the land of the Native Americans in the name of God. For further study follow the links: First from the debate on "Philosophy And Wisdom" five weeks ago: and this others from Holy Heretic: and incl. this; and at last this: