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Liberal Party Platform

Sounds like the Republican platform.--- <<< and coming to a parliament near you ...

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Good-bye Cable TV!

Mainstream media - propaganda machine for Obama. Do you like being manipulated?

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Caroline Kennedy Is Big in Japan

Truth be told... Vote !!!


The republican party is the political arm of corporate America. Vast amounts of money are used to persuade the gullible to vote against their own best interests.


Nope, you can't cure stupid. Nice try, though. If Any Are Left With A Brain That They Still Own, They Better Jump Ship While They Still Can!!


Progressive ex-democrats should vote for Jill Stein and rational ex-republicans should vote for Gary Johnson. They have no real chance but we need to show the corrupt party establishment that 3rd party candidates ARE a viable option and must be included in the debates & ballots in all 50 states! You don't have to settle for a Neo-Fascist or a Neo-Liberal!

Here on Pinterest, when I search for Green Party, I mostly find a lot of party goods colored green. This is more what I was looking for, and I'll be in search of more Green Party political values here.


I will NEVER vote for ANYONE who's not for EVERYONE!!!


The next time you hear someone praising a government, any government, for its…

#JillStein #ItsInOurHands