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Easy and Free Beginning Letter Sound Match. All you need is magnetic letters, a cookie tray, and this free printable. Great for working on beginning letter sounds, vocabulary, and speech.

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Rainbow Hop Letter Sounds Game

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Invitation to Investigate Beginning Letter Sounds

Invite your child to investigate letters at the Investigation Table for a game of “Say, Find and Say.” Use this fun activity to help reinforce beginning letter sounds at home or in school.

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Practice Beginning Letter Sound Worksheet

**FREE** Practicing Beginning Letter Sound Worksheet Worksheet. Practice beginning letter sound in this phonics printable worksheet.

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Teachers and reading specialists have guided us to say the letter sound before the word for your children to hear the initial letter sound starting the word. Our only exception is the using the word fox with the letter x, because the x in fox accurately makes the (ks – sound). Actively participating in this song daily will help your class achieve the Common Core and national standard of learning one to one letter sound correspondence.

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FREE Color by Beginning Sound Worksheet - Letter B

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FREE Beginning Sounds Letter Worksheets for Early Learners

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