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Letter of the Day Printable Worksheets {Subscriber Freebie}

These Letter of the Day worksheets provide children with different skill building activities on a daily basis.-Read & Identify the

Letter O activities for preschool

Letter O activities for preschool, a family post from the blog The Measured Mom on Bloglovin’


learning to write by drawing in shaving cream; one of my favorite activities from when I was in kindergarten


Preschool Unit: O is for Ocean

O is such a fun letter for preschool lessons. This preschool unit O is for Ocean includes fun science, art, fine motor, and letter formation activities.


Positive Reinforcement Visual rewards - Behaviour Management

A powerful method of strengthening new skills and behaviours, The tokens are a way of “paying” children for completing tasks and then they can be used to trade for desired activities or items they choose.


Letter of the Week: Letter O

Are you looking for some fun preschool activities that have a focus on teaching the letters of the alphabet? Fantastic, then you've come to the right spot! ; ) I am going to be sharing with you a Letter of the Week printable packet every Thursday for the next 26 weeks! We are going to ...