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There are so many things you could do with these! Here's a few ideas: - lower case/upper case letter matching - sight words - antonyms - synonyms - math sums - shape names & pictures - analogue...

from The Kindergarten Connection

Rainbow Alphabet Matching Game

Match upper and lowercase letters, play memory, and more with this fun and free rainbow alphabet matching game!


Great way to assess sight word recognition in group work. Give each student a different colored marker and have them find and circle the matching sight word you are assessing for them.


For use as a matching game or a worksheet, a set of 7 3D shape image cards with matching property descriptions. A great way to assess children’s knowledge of shape properties. Also available for 2D shapes.


Alphabet Matching Eggs: If you have a preschooler and leftover plastic eggs you will love this easy DIY educational game. Use stickers on cheap, plastic eggs to make a game for matching upper and lowercase letters.