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Jodi Picoult - "She puts her hands on either side of my face, and the room falls away. I have never...". romance, kiss, lovers, fiction, jodi-picoult, jodi-picoult-sing-you-home, lesbians, sing-you-home, love

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I can not stop looking at you when we're in the car :) there's just something about how loose you get when your riding shot gun in my truck ;) you're this free spirit. I love the way you sing and dance and you look at me with that beautiful ass smile on your face, and your aviator shades on <3 I love you so much!! You have my heart, please don't hurt it :* -des

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/.\ I love how heavy and slow your breath gets when I'm on you... And how fast and sharp it gets when were reaching climax @.@ #.9 .... Its an unforgettable sound that replays in my head... Constantly /.\ I jux have to admit @.@ these are the little things that make a big moment @.@

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